Compte à rebours - La Démone
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Year    :   2017
By    :   Action Training Productions
Slogan    :   «Hell is coming»
Type    :   Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Length    :   45 mn

Since the dawn of time, throughout the universe, good and evil have clashed, and it is on earth that the final battle will have an ending.
The ultimate prize in this war will be mankind. But to whom will it belong?
Evil is ready to claim its prize, but there is one individual ready to fight, the "Chosen One" ...
With an intellectual quotient exceeding 360, he is the only one able to save the world. Will his power be enough to defeat the Demon?
The end is close, the Countdown has begun.

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Actor, stuntman and director, Louis-Marc Marty is known for his one-of-a-kind shows. In the 1980s, he created the "live film on stage", with sound effects synchronised to the hundredth of a second and special effects that were revolutionary at the time. He went on to deliver more than 600 performances across Europe of "La Loi du Talion" ['The Law of Retribution'] and "Psychokiller".
With his international career in the martial arts and his military background (ground commando and sniper), Louis-Marc Marty has for more than 35 years brought to filmmaking the authenticity of real war techniques and all-terrain combat. Having taken part in more than a hundred productions, he has now transitioned to producing, with a wealth of new and spectacular ideas for the TV series "Compte à Rebours" ['Countdown'].

Louis-Marc Marty
First there was nothing, then there was light, then there was the universe...
Since its creation, the World has contained a scourge, Evil, that guides the hand of Man insidiously.
Evil does its best to manipulate Man, to drive him to envy and lust, it gives him power and ability, the better to destroy him.
So it has been for millennia. Man, doomed to failure, rushes headlong to his own destruction.
In AD 32, by his sacrifice, Christ destroyed the evil designs of the Beast.
After 2000 years of conspiracies, betrayals and wars caused by the forces of darkness, Evil has risen up again from the depths of hell, crazed with fury.
Its time has finally come, and It has come to savour its revenge.
The World will soon know Chaos...
Will Humanity find a savour once again?
The Countdown has begun...
The story is set in the present day, but originates several centuries into the past. What better than mixing narrative history, the present day, and fantasy, to ensure that the message is really carried across and that the intention is presented with an undeniable sense of reality.
In social terms, due to the inconsistency of certain arbitrary actions - whether driven by political or religious motives - we have done everything possible at the production level to prompt the viewer to think, in a humanistic and altruistic way.
More than anything else, the subject of the film is a discussion about human values, such as honour and respect for others who live alongside us with their differences. A message of tolerance in the face of cruelty, barbarity and stupidity.
The only bulwark against all Man's nonsense and aberrations remains an open, cultivated and intelligent mind. Without it, anything can happen, including the worst...such as chaos.
In this film, horror and violence are presented in a dreamlike way, meaning that no particular religious or political ideology is targeted, as these are imaginary creatures. The demons and zombies shown act in a totally irrational way, and are slaves to their lowest instincts.
This has been done to emphasise the sometimes disproportionate behaviour of a person confronted with a new situation who does not understand, and whose reactions become difficult to control, and clearly selfish.
This is to demonstrate how a lack of consideration can be dangerous and terribly damaging, when it leads man to default to the collective unconscious and social irresponsibility.
If the sole purpose is to satisfy one's personal needs at all costs, one must realise that all acts have consequences. That is why all of us must cultivate civic responsibility, empathy and mutual support, so that fundamentalism and hatred cannot take root.
For the technical aspect of the pilot, we thought it was important to focus shots and lighting on the duality between the imaginary and the real.
Whether outdoors, indoors or in the studio, the dreamlike quality will be maintained. Similarly, everything - be it the soundscapes, guttural sounds, wildlife, complaints, gestures, emotions and feelings of emptiness - is orchestrated so that the audience is often surprised by a turn of events that may be unexpected, and sometimes improbable, but is always justifiable.

The costumes will be simple but specific to each character, and represent their personalities and actions. For example, throughout the series, the Demon keeps his dirty and torn nightgown, as it relates to the fate of the corpse of the little girl he possessed with his demonic spirit.

Each setting has been carefully considered in order to fully serve the story and the action scenes. The protagonists travel through space and evolve in response to the material elements they encounter.

A heavy and intense sound environment is in contrast to the benign, relaxing calm of a sunny forest in broad daylight. When the Demon appears, the sound becomes surreal; there are low voices whispering in an unknown language, the cries of children, and mournful choirs.

These are supported by post-production that amplifies each event without distorting it. Digital special effects will reinforce spectacular action sequences, rather than attempting to render the sequences spectacular through technological gimmickry.

Each character has its own identity that relates to the feeling which it embodies. With the hope, pain, doubt, weakness, strength and destiny that unites them, each will move forward because of the others, and thrive within the group they have formed, ultimately passing every test and reaching their goal. So, without knowing it, all of their paths converge, while they retain their individual objectives. A story that has reached its conclusion thus always gives rise to a new one, with its measure of surprises, dramatic tension and actions, all of which make sense.

The human characters are represented by colours that range from cold to hot, suggesting all the sensations felt, the depth of their feelings and the difficulties they experience.
Founded in 2004 by Louis-Marc Marty, Action Training Productions is a film and television production company. Specialising in action films, the company also provides talent, technicians and technical equipment along with its executive production offering. Action Training Productions is also skilled at providing weaponry, explosives and physical stunts, mechanical, equestrian, pyrotechnics, aerodynamic, nautical, marine and underwater services, and often takes part in all kinds of action-related events.
Action Training Productions also brings its own brand of know-how to special effects and pyrotechnics for film, television, events companies, and even to the judiciary, as well as some French institutions including the police, the gendarmerie [national police] and the army.


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